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Mental Health

Mental health is very important as part of general health as well as fertility health.

You should see your GP before you are ready to try for pregnancy for a general health check up, including a mental health review.

Many women are concerned that it is their very high stress levels that may be stopping them from getting pregnant. Whilst women under stress can still fall pregnant (if we think of the women in war torn countries where they are under unbelievable amount of stress), stress can still affect fertility. We know that there can be observable and measurable changes in the body when we are under stress.

However, it may not be productive to be told to "Just relax" or "don't stress". Sometimes the stress of trying not to stress ends up being worse than the initial stress to being with.

I think we should aim to moderate stress in our lives rather than eliminate stress. I think if we are kind to ourselves and others, it is a good place to start. If you feel you need extra supports, remember there is help out there. You can see your GP or a counsellor, and don’t forget your partner, family and friends.

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