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We are excited to advise as of 25 November 2023, Dr Huang will be offering fertility treatment through Genea Melbourne City. Dr Huang will continue to offer the same fertility (and other gynaecological services). Consultations will remain at our East Melbourne rooms, and IVF and IUI treatments will be through Genea Melbourne City.

Genea has over 30 years of experience in offering individualised care and pioneering scientific advancements to support patient’s individual fertility journey. Genea Melbourne City is a new all-purpose-build-laboratory that opened in September 2023, fitted with advanced equipment and exclusive Genea technology




Why did Dr Huang transition to Genea?

Dr Huang’s decision to transition to Genea arose from her desire to provide the best comprehensive and patient-centred care to her patients. The move will allow Dr Huang to partner with an organization that not only upholds the highest standards in reproductive medicine but also prioritizes the human side of fertility treatment.

Genea's standing as pioneers in fertility is backed by over 30 years of experience. Genea Melbourne City's newly built fertility treatment laboratory will support Dr Huang in offering well-established and consistently maintained high success rates, while also prioritizing an experience that goes beyond treatment, focusing on the individual's unique journey before, during, and after fertility treatment.

Where will Dr Huang perform fertility treatment procedures?

Cycle tracking ultrasound scans are still done in Dr Huang’s East Melbourne clinic.

Egg collections will be done in Epworth Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne IUI and Embryo transfers will be done at Genea Melbourne City laboratory in North Melbourne.

How do I start treatment with Genea?

Please contact our rooms to discuss your situation and we can make a time for you to see Dr Huang and explore all your options.

What happens if I already have embryos/eggs/sperm that are already frozen at Melbourne IVF?

Your biological items will remain safely frozen at Melbourne IVF.

If you wish to continue your fertility treatment with Dr Huang at Genea, they can help facilitate transferring your medical records from Melbourne IVF as well as transporting any biological items to Genea Melbourne City.

The transport timeline can be variable, depending on Melbourne IVF laboratory work load. Due to high volume of transitioning patients transporting their biological items, we anticipate it may take them longer to complete your transport (up to 8 weeks) in the short term. Therefore, we suggest initiating the transport request as soon as you have made your decision.

If you decide to continue your treatment through Melbourne IVF, you will need to see another doctor at Melbourne IVF. To facilitate your transfer of care, please note you have access to all correspondences written by Dr Huan as well as all your pathology and imaging reports in your Patient Portal, You can download your records from your Patient Portal and give to your new doctor. All your past fertility treatment details are stored in the Melbourne IVF database, so your new doctor will be aware of your treatment history.

Are there risks associated with transporting embryos from Melbourne IVF to Genea if I wish to continue treatment with Dr Alice Huang?

Both Genea and Melbourne IVF are well established laboratories with over 30 years of experience, and they both routinely transport biological items on a weekly basis. We cannot say there is no risk in transferring embryos, just as we cannot say there is no risk in storing embryos. However, everything is done to minimise risks. Throughout the process, the embryos remain in their frozen state. Movement of embryos between laboratories both locally, interstate and overseas is common. If you wish to find out more, you can discuss with Genea in greater detail as they would be facilitating organising the transfer.

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