Dr Alice Huang


Whether it’s navigating fertility treatments such as IVF, reproductive endocrinology or egg freezing, or addressing general gynaecological concerns such as PCOS, endometriosis, or abnormal cervical screenings, I provide evidence-based care tailored to each patient’s specific needs, always ensuring a thorough discussion of treatment options.


Dr Alice Huang is an experienced gynaecologist and fertility specialist who strongly believes that her relationship and clinical approach with her patients should be built on both the highest standard of evidence-based medicine, as well as a deep and holistic understanding of the individual and what they are going through.

With over 2 decades of experience in gynaecology and over a decade of dedicated experience in the field of fertility medicine, Alice brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Alice is well known for providing the highest quality of care to her patients, bringing her extensive background and dedication to every patient encounter.

Alice graduated with honours from Monash University, completing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 2002. After receiving the Robert Power Scholarship in Surgery at the Alfred Hospital in her final year of studies, she went on to work at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for her surgical residency. Over the following six years, Alice attained Fellow of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG) after completing her training in obstetrics and gynaecology at busy public hospitals across Victoria and NSW. To further her interests in fertility medicine, she also underwent subsepcialised training in fertility medicine and completed a Master of Reproductive Medicine (MRepMED) at the University of NSW.

Alice trained in fertility medicine and IVF at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. During her years there, she was a consultant at the Reproductive Services Unit. She was also a member and The Women’s Services representative on the Transfusion Committee at The Royal Women’s Hospital for six years, as well as serving on multiple other IVF related committees including the Donor Program Committee and Clinical Review Committee.

Alice holds a passion for education and connecting with others. She frequently gives presentations at GP workshops and seminars on fertility medicine, as well as broader areas of gynaecology, including innovative developments in contraception and intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Outside of work, Alice considers herself a Marvel movie maven and culinary connoisseur, especially anything involving chocolate. While Alice may have a flair for the fantastical on the big screen and in the kitchen, her real joy comes from spending quality time with her husband, two young children, and their loyal four-legged friend, Milo.



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Publications, Presentations and Involvements

  • “IVF – From Investigations to the Laboratory and Beyond”, Genea GP Education Dinner, May 2024, East Melbourne
  • “Egg Freezing”, Melbourne IVF GP Education Meeting, July 2023, Melbourne.
  • “What Matters: How to elevate women’s health outcomes”, Bayer GP Education Information Evening, March 2023, Seddon.
  • “Medical care of the Fertility Patient”, Melbourne IVF GP Masterclass, April 2022, Melbourne.
  • Melbourne IVF GP Masterclass, Chairperson, April 2022, Werribee, and presentation of “Genetics in General Practice”
  • “National cervical screening program (NCSP) & Colposcopy”, Epworth GP Workshop, March 2022, Box Hill.
  • Melbourne IVF GP Masterclass, Chairperson, December 2021, East Melbourne.
  • “Egg freezing”, Melbourne IVF GP Webinar, November 2021, Online.
  • “Explaining Fertility”, WowPodcast, October 2021, Online.
  • “Optimising Health for Fertility, DropIn Webinar, August 2021, Online.
  • “Modern Families”, Melbourne IVF GP Education Webinar, May 2021, Online.
  • “How might we leverage telemedicine platforms and other digital tools to better support patients”, Merck APAC Advisory Board, December 2020, Online
  • “Pap smear, what you need to know”, Conceive Baby Webinar, August 2020, Online.
  • “IVF in 2019, What do your patients go through?”, Melbourne IVF GP Masterclass, August 2019, Melbourne.
  • Gametes getting together – Fertilisation MIVF GP Workshop, May 2017, East Melbourne.
  • Recent Technological Advances in IVF and Q&A GP Education Evening, December 2017, East Melbourne.
  • Menopause. GP Clinic education session November 2016, Melbourne CBD
  • “Egg and the City”. MIVF Patient Information Seminar October 2016, Melbourne CBD.
  • Fertility Investigations. GP Clinic education session October 2016, Moonee Ponds
  • MIVF Patient Information Evening presentation June 2016, Collingwood
  • Gynaecological issues affecting fertility. MIVF Women’s Health Masterclass Workshop May 2016, East Melbourne
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. GP Clinic education session April 2016, Moonee Ponds
  • MIVF Donor Patient Information Evening presentation February 2016, East Melbourne
  • Investigation of the Infertile Couple. GP Clinic education session February 2016, Coburg
  • Menstrual Disorders. GP Clinic education session December 2015, Northcote
  • Fertility Fundamentals. MIVF Women’s Health Masterclass Workshop August 2015, Melbourne, CBD
  • Preconception health, weight management and infertility. GP Clinic education session July 2015, Melbourne CBD
  • Fertility Treatment Options. GP Clinic education session February 2015, Sunshine
  • Contraception. Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local Event November 2014
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  • Preconception Health, Weight Management and infertility. GP Clinic education session November 2014, Deer Park
  • Investigation of the Infertile Couple. GP Clinic education session October 2014, Coburg
  • Investigation of the Infertile Couple. GP Clinic education session May 2014, Melton
  • Complementary Medicine and Adjuvant Therapy in IVF. MIVF Patient Information Seminar February 2014, Melbourne.
  • Overview of IVF. GP Clinic education session July 2013, Moonee Ponds
  • Menstrual Problems and Infectious Diseases MIVF Women’s Health Masterclass Workshop May 2013, Werribee.
  • Adjuvant therapy in IVF. GP Education Evening March 2013, Box Hill.
  • Polycystic Ovarian SyndromeGP Clinic education session November 2012, West Brunswick
  • Chlamydia and Pelvic Infections and the Childbearing Woman. MIVF Women’s Health Masterclass Workshop October 2012, East Melbourne.
  • MIVF Chinese Patient InformationMIVF Chinese Patient Information Evening. May 2012
  • IVF OverviewMIVF Women’s Health Masterclass Workshop May 2012, Melbourne
  • Overview of IVF. GP Clinic education session March 2012, Pivot West
  • Presentation at the annual Victorian Regional Committee, RANZCOG Trainees’ Research Symposium, Oct 2008. Research project presented titled: Outcome in women with no endocervical component on cervical cytology after treatment for high-grade cervical dysplasia
  • Co-presenter at National Prevocational Education Forum in Queensland on Pilot Intern Mentor Program 2003, as a sponsored member of PMCV
  • Examiner for the Victorian FRANZCOG Trial Oral Examination for The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, May 2019, Parkville
  • Mock Examiner at DRANZCOG (Diploma) Revision Course in 2008 and 2010, Melbourne.

Personal Questions & answers

I knew fertility medicine is the field I wanted to work in when I had my first contact with the Reproductive Services Unit at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne back in 2008. I was struck by the profound impact that fertility struggles can have on individuals and couples. Witnessing the highs and lows, the hopes and heartaches, I felt drawn to this field that allowed me to make a difference in such a deeply personal aspect of people’s lives. I decided to start subspecialised training in fertility medicine in 2010.
One of the procedures that holds a special place in my heart is a gynaecological procedure called Bartholin’s absecess marsupialisation. Now, I know it might not sound glamorous, but bear with me. It’s a very minor procedure, but its impact on patients can be incredibly gratifying. Without getting too into the nitty-gritty details (because, let’s face it, I don’t want to gross anyone out), let’s just say there can be a fair amount of pus involved, along with a not-so-pleasant odor. However, what makes this procedure so rewarding is the instant relief it provides to patients who are in significant pain from the Bartholin’s abscesses. The dramatic difference in their comfort and quality of life after healing is truly remarkable. It’s moments like these that remind me why I chose this profession – to make a tangible difference in the lives of my patients, no matter how small the procedure may seem.
One person who stands out as a significant influence in my journey in fertility medicine is Associate Professor John McBain, a recognized grandfather and pioneer in IVF. During my training in obstetrics and gynaecology, I had been rostered to the Reproductive Services at Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne where Dr. McBain was head of the unit. I vividly remember an encounter after one clinic session, when he kindly offered to buy me a coffee , wanting to discuss my career aspirations. Now, here’s the catch – I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker, but in my awe of him, I couldn’t bring myself to decline. So, I took the coffee, sipped it cautiously, and listened intently as Dr. McBain shared his insights on why he believed I was suited to this field and the profound fulfillment it offers. Despite the caffeine-induced palpitations and trembling, his words resonated deeply with me, igniting a passion for fertility medicine that continues to drive me today. Dr. McBain’s mentorship and encouragement have left an indelible mark on my journey.
Outside of work, I enjoy indulging in a few hobbies and interests that bring joy and relaxation to my life. One of my guilty pleasures is exploring the world of gourmet boutique chocolates – there’s something truly decadent about savouring each exquisite bite of a perfectly crafted piece of chocolate. In addition, I find myself drawn to the imaginative worlds of anime cartoons and Marvel comics and movies. Whether it’s getting lost in the epic battles of superheroes or the whimsical adventures of animated characters, I find these forms of entertainment to be a delightful escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. So, you might catch me unwinding with a bar of artisan chocolate while binge-watching my favourite anime series or enjoying the latest Marvel blockbuster. It’s all about finding moments of relaxation and enjoyment amidst life’s busy schedule.

Dedicated to Professional Person Care

I have always believed in the power of a strong patient-doctor relationship. It’s not just about medicine; it’s also about understanding them as an individual. I know that understanding, empowering my patients and expert care will make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. And that’s a journey I’m honored to be a part of every day.


Compassionate, Holistic care and treatment.

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